Maintenance and Supply Department

O.B. Slabyi
Vice-Rector for Science
Education and Social Affairs

With the founding of the Ternopil Medical Institute in 1957, the Maintenance and Supply Unit was established; M.M. Valiavsky, the Assistant Director of the Administrative and Maintenance Department, was the head.

Since then, the unit was coordinated by V.V. Borodin, S.A. Chornyi, E.Ya. Rubin, V.F. Oryshchyn, V.S. Pasiechko, O.R. Pelekh regarding development and improvement of facilities and equipment of the university.

Since 2006, the Maintenance and Supply Department of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University has been run by O.B. Slabyi, the Vice-Rector for Science, Education and Social Affairs.

The Department is a structural unit of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University subordinated to the Vice-Rector for Science, Education and Social Affairs.

The Maintenance and Supply Department follow the Constitution of Ukraine, the Statute of the University, the University Code of Conduct, rules and standards of management documentation, other regulations, orders, instructions of the Rector and other recommendations.

The Maintenance and Supply Department coordinates and controls work of:

- a specialist responsible for guard of the University facilities;

- Chief Power Engineer;

- supervisors of university buildings and heads of dormitories;

- labour protection engineer;

- specialist in fire safety and safe operation of gas services;

- Recreation Centre “Chervona Kalyna”;

- mechanic of the department;

- university buildings;

- student dormitories.

The department manages its affairs through coordinated proper work of all subordinate units and departments, their correct and timely performance of tasks and managing responsibilities.

The department takes the necessary efforts for providing the educational process, supply of educational-laboratory and office premises with furniture, household equipment; organizes technically competent use of buildings, engineering systems and equipment; timely carries out system repairs for their long-term operation; provides support for normal conditions of work, living, recreation of students and staff; creates the necessary conditions for proper services of dormitories, canteens and cafeterias, Centre for Sports Activities, Recreation Centre “Chervona Kalyna”, etc..

The Department staff monitors the technical condition of heating systems, water supply and drainage systems, electricity and gas supply, as well as compliance with norms and rules on labour protection, fire safety by employees and students of the University, provides security for all university facilities.